UCHealth Lung Cancer Experts in the News

Below are articles about the UCHealth lung cancer experts and the
results of our clinical trials. To learn more, click on the article link.

2015 Lung Cancer Experts in the News

11/3/15: Managing Cancer as a Chronic Condition

9/24/15: Dr. David Ross Camidge: Lung Cancer Patients Should 'Rediscover the Feeling of Hope' (On Vimeo)
             Dr. David Ross Camidge: Lung Cancer Patients Should 'Rediscover the Feeling of Hope' (On Patient Power)

8/27/15: New cancer treatment shrinking tumors in clinical trials (English)
              New cancer treatment shrinking tumors in clinical trials (Spanish)

4/6/2015: "Niche Busters" are New Frontier in Treatment at CU Cancer Center

2/2/2015: Whose Numbers Should We Use to Calculate the Cost-Effectiveness of Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapies?


2014 Lung Cancer Experts in the News

12/1/2014: Medicine, Faith and Fitness Converge in Lung Cancer Recovery

11/20/2014: Lung Cancer Awareness Video by Kimberly Ringen

10/22/2014: Dr. Robert Doebele on Mechanisms of ALK Resistance &
Implications of Treatment

10/6/2014: Battle against lung cancer could be fought, won on a
molecular level

10/01/2014: Dr. Robert Doebele on Understanding Acquired Resistance
in ALK+ Lung Cancer

08/21/2014:  University of Colorado’s Online Screening for Rare Lung Cancer Subtypes Opens Door to New Kind of Clinical Trial

06/02/2014: Tumor Responses with Crizotinib in MET-Amplified Disease Help
Define a New Targetable Form of Lung Cancer

01/28/2014: “Weeding the garden” with radiation allows ALK+ lung cancer patients to continue crizotinib, increasing survival

2013 Lung Cancer Experts in the News

11/20/2013: New Crizotinib Side-Effect: Reduced Measures of Kidney Function
During Treatment (Recovery After)

09/10/2013: Study: Redefining the criteria for ALK positive lung cancer

04/17/2013: Multicenter international study confirms low testosterone in 84 percent of lung cancer patients taking crizotinib

2012 Lung Cancer Experts in the News

11/28/2012: Lung cancer patients developing areas of drug-resistance
prolong disease control by using focused radiation to weed the garden

08/28/2012: Not all lung cancer patients who could benefit from crizotinib
are identified by FDA-approved test

04/05/2012: Low testosterone with new lung cancer drug — if recognized, easy to fix

2011 Lung Cancer Experts in the News

11/10/2011: 'Breakthrough' lung cancer therapy tested in Colorado

08/26/2011: First and only drug for ALK-positive lung cancer approved today

06/28/2011: Phase 1 Study of Crizotinib in Patients with ALK-Posititve Non-Small
Cell Lung Cancer

06/03/2011: Targeted lung cancer drug shows dramatic response in more than half of patients who take it

03/07/2011: University of Colorado Cancer Center scientist finds super-survivor
population for established lung cancer treatment


2010 Cancer Experts in the News

10/28/2010: People with specific kind of lung cancer respond to new targeted treatment

10/10/2010: Ross Camidge, MD discusses Clinical Activity of Crizotinib

02/20/2010: Personalized medicine changing the way doctors work


2009 Lung Cancer Experts in the News

12/7/2009: Lung Cancer patients see amazing results in clinical study

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